Sauna House Saunas


Altogether there are seven saunas available for members and guests to use: four smoke saunas, two other wood burning saunas and one electric sauna. It is possible for a total of sixty to eighty people to be enjoying saunas at any one time.


Sauna heating is started very early in the morning and after four to five hours when heating is completed, a ladle of water is thrown on the stones to dust them. After this, the stoves are given one hour to allow the glowing embers to settle. Following this, one or two more ladles of water onto the glowing stones to increase the humidity and to dust the rest of ashes away from the stones. Finally the platforms are washed with water hose and the sauna is  ready for its first visitors.


Some people like it very much to increase the pleasure of sauna session by beating themselves with birch whisks and some don´t. Just to respect others privacy and opinion, in some of the saunas birch whisks are not allowed. Generally speaking the whisk is an essential part of the Finnish sauna tradition. The birch whisks’ smell and effect on one’s skin and body are well accepted in saunas all over the country.


Only five minutes from the City Center we have a relaxing view to the open sea.


The four smoke saunas and the main building of Saunaseura.