Opening hours



Tuesday at 13.00-21.00
Wednesday, Friday at 13.00-22.00


  • the first Saturday of the month
  • the last Saturday of the month

at 12.00-21.00

  • at 12.00-16.30, last admission time at 15.45
  • at 12.00-19.00




  • the first Monday of the month

at 13.00-21.00

  • Sauna House is closed
Thursday at 13.00-22.00


  • the first Saturday of the month

Normally Saturdays are closed for women

  • klo 17.00-21.00

Notice that is not allowed to bring guests to sauna on Fridays.

The cafeteria at the Sauna House is open from 13 onwards on every opening day.

Groups bigger than 3 persons, a host and two guests, at a time are not allowed without a permission from the office. The saunas are reserved for members only.

The time to take sauna baths is unlimited within the opening hours. The Vaskiniemi Sauna House is closed on Sundays and national holidays.  The washer lady and massagers are present every day. Booking when signing in.


Sauna House is closed

  • 3.8.2020
  • 7.9.2020
  • 5.10.2020
  • 2.11.2020
  • 7.12.2020

Sauna day for families

Sauna days for familis in year 2020 are announced later.


Saunas for members private use

For members only, must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Ask more from the cafeteria.


Contact information

Suomen Saunaseura ry / The Finnish Sauna Society
Vaskiniementie 10

Tel. +358 50 371 8178
Email: tj(at)