Electrical Stove


The electrical stove is the latest major innovation in the history of the Finnish sauna. It works principally in the same way as the continuously heated wood burning stove, only instead of a burning fire, electrical resistors are used to heat the stones. Its ease of use has made the electrical stove the most popular type in Finland, counting all saunas. In many places, e.g. hotels and apartment buildings in urban areas, wood burning is out of the question and the electrical stove is the only possibility.


An essential element in any sauna stove are the stones and the water thrown on them. The more stones there are the more energy is needed to heat them but the more enjoyable is the resulting löyly. Some electrical stoves, mostly of other than Finnish origin, have hardly any stones in them at all: they definitely do not deserve to be connected with the Finnish sauna! In the best electrical stoves there are enough stones so that the water thrown on them does not get in contact with the resistors, since they give an unpleasant aroma to the löyly. Some stoves can even be used so that after the stones are hot the electricity is turned off for the time of bathing.


Generally, electrical stoves are not considered as “good” as wood burning ones. They definitely are farthest apart from the original sauna, but it is also true that a good electrical stove is better than a poor wood burning one.